RMAKK Specializes in Repair & Service of CNC Cutting Machines

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Specializing in Repair & Service of all CNC Cutting Machines


Our training outline for operators

General Machine Safety

  • Machine power up procedures
  • Shock Hazards
  • Pinch/Crush Zones
  • Emergency Stop Circuit

CNC Familiarization

  • Vision Control Structure
  • CNC Power On/Off Procedures
  • Machine Referencing (homing)
  • Data Entry Menu
  • Movement Menu
  • Process Menu
  • Station Menu
  • Loading Part Programs
  • Cutting Part Programs

Machine Familiarization

  • Ball Screw /Rail/ Rack Care
  • Lubrication Requirements
  • Power Supply Operation
  • Coolant Circulator Operation

Process Familiarization

  • Consumable Changing Procedures
  • Process Procedures: Oxyfuel, Plasma, Marking
  • Understanding SDP/TDF files (Cutting Parameters)
  • Cut Evaluation and Basic Process Theory
  • Precision Hole Technology